Affordable 5G smartphones without 5G network in India

The smartphones companies launched many affordable 5g smartphones with Snapdragon and MediaTek Dimensity processors.

The top smartphones brands like Xiaomi, Realme, OPPO, Vivo, Samsung, Motorola, OnePlus had launched their 5G smartphones under the pricing of Rs. 24999. The affordable smartphone in India pricing starts from Rs. 14999 goes up to Rs. 24999.

The cost of 5G smartphones makes it affordable without a 5G network in India even numbers of 5G brands are missing in the smartphones to maintain the pricing user’s pocket friendly.

Do you think 5G smartphones without 5G network in India – Waste of Money?

The Indian government considers the telecom companies to build smartphones on their own 5Gi network for better security and network control in case of any security loopholes.

Indian telecom such as Bharati Airtel, Vodafone Idea, BSNL urges to bring new 5Gi network to raise the cost of equipment, cost of smartphones, cost of 5g services, prepaid & postpaid tariffs in India couldn’t make it better way while they have a lot of money debit to government.

The company wants to global 5G bands to support the worldwide network is a very easier choice for them to import smartphones from China and Vietnam and launched in India at an affordable or higher rate.

Why purchasing affordable smartphones in India without a 5G network – Wastage of Money?

  • India stil doesn’t have 5G network, trails aren’t yet announced in numbers of cities. The bands that will be supported by 5G of the telecom are yet unannounced.
  • The cost of the 5G phones is very high right now in the premium brands like OnePlus, Samsung and Apple. To proper use of 5G network, we must need a good quality 5g network with suitable bands in the 5G smartphones.
  • If you brought 5G smartphones in any month, Indian telecom companies anounced the different brand starting next year 2022 didnt have any support in your 5G smartphones.

I suggest you brought a 4g smartphone at average cost in terms of spending money on higher pricing for a 5G network with no use. In India, some companies like Realme, OnePlus, OPPO and Vivo gave only two brands at higher pricing smartphones.

India won’t see a live 5G Network until Q2, 2022, at least it will be interesting to see what Reliance Jio operators could launch the first live 5G network.