Stack new document scanner made by Google

Stack a new document scanner now officially available on Google Play Store. Stack used to scan documents with the help of Artificial intelligence (AI) created by its DocAI team.

Google said in an official blog post, “We have found that by applying DocAI’s enterprise technology to personal documents. The app is available now by Android in the US with no word for others countries.

The Stack will allow users to take a photo of a document – a receipt, bill, ID, paycheck, etc with a quick scan feature. When you scan a document, Stack can identify the user’s important information, including dates and amount totals.

User can search through the full text of yours documents files and images make an easier scan. Stack supports biometric authentication such as a fingerprint scanner, so you can scan your face or fingerprint every time you unlock the app.

Stack is an experimental app, there may be a possibility it doesn’t catch up with more downloads, it may get removed in the future. They may also integrate it into existing apps or services around the others Google offering services.

Stack is currently an experiment right now which means it isn’t perfect. Google admits that its algorithms still get things wrong. The app could easily become another product lineup and services in Google services offering around the countries.