Google Pixel phones are the first to meet the Common Criteria MDF protection profile

Google Pixel smartphones get the best Android features before others, but they have top-notch hardware security with decided Titan M security chip is claimed to offer enterprise-grade privacy protection.

The Pixel devices running Android 11 are also the first to meet Common Criteria’s MDF security standards. The Mobile Devices MDF Protection Profile outlines guidelines that companies across 31 countries around the world.

These guidelines ensure the enterprise user data is safeguarded by “strongest possible protections”, Google notes in a blog post. . These tests are performed to warrant “every mitigations works as advertised”. To verify the mitigations in case of different threats on Pixel devices.

  • Protected Communications – to ensure traffics across all communications and networks, including Wi-Fi are encrypted.
  • Protection Storage – to ensure storage encryption and tamper-proof mechanisms such as the Titan M Chip.
  • Authorization and Authentication – To check against spoofing and false acceptance.
  • Mobile Device Integrity – To verify Android’s implementations of Verified Boot, Google Play System Updates, and Seamless OS Updates.
  • Auditability – for users to reports or IT admins to checks for events such as device start-up and shutdown, data encryption, data decryption, and key management.
  • Mobile Device Configuration – for enterprise admins to enforce Android Enterprise’s security policies for the camera, location, or app installation.

Google adds the required feature to ensure satisfy the necessary security requirements are baked directly into the Android Open Source Project.” These tools have been published on GitHub for OEMs to use them to similar certifications.