How to sideload Android Apps on Windows 11 Unofficially

Microsoft is rolling out the Amazon App Store support in limited countries through Windows Store on Windows 11.

XDA-Developers can enable the installation of the Google Play Store on Windows 11 by bypassing countries restrictions. Our guide will be about to tell you, how any windows user can able to sideload any Android apps on Windows 11 without any Insider program requirements.

Microsoft has confirmed the Android apps from the Amazon App Store on Windows 11 are rolling out to Insiders Programs is available only in the United States may not download when Windows Store is not updated.

The Windows 11’s Android Subsystem has required a maximum of 8 GB of RAM on eligible devices with Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm Processors to side the Android APKS. The recommended specifications are also seen in the command Android smartphones to run the Android 12 OS by Google.

How to Sideloading APK’s on Windows 11 Unofficially

We can sideload Android apps on Windows 11 without Google Play Store. The WSA feature will let you install and use mobile apps that you can’t find through app stores like Amazon, Google, or Samsung.

The great feature is now introduced by Microsoft in Windows 11 only is that it let you install nearly all Android apps without making changes to devise setting. This feature is similar to Bluestacks like Android Emulator, but you should be familiar with Command prompt.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the simple ways to sideload apps on Windows 11 using Comand Promt.

Without joining the beta channel follow these steps below:

  • Download Windows Subsystem for Android from here.
  • Open PowerShell admin
  • Enter Add-AppxPackag <path to file>
    • Right-click on it and select “Copy as path” and paste it to the above command prompt”.
  • Open Google website and download the Android SDK Platform-Tools.
  • Extract Android SDK Platforms-Tools to a folder
  • Open Windows Search and type “Windows Subsystem for Android” and clickon it.
  • Inside “Windows Subsystem for Android”, scroll down and turn on “Developer mode in Settings”.
  • Click on “Files” to get an IP address. This step is required when the IP address is unavailable on the settings page.
  • If you still do not see any IP address. Click on refresh page or reopen the setting.
  • Once done this process, Open again Comman Prompt.
  • Use cd command to navigate to the folder of Android SDK Platforms-Tools
    • If you extracted the tools in the Downloads Folder, you would need to type cd
      • cd:\ users\username\downloads\platforms-tools and press enter.
  • Inside the command prompt, enter adb connect ipaddress that you have copied earlier.
  • To install the APK, use adb install appname. apk In this case. name of your Facebook.apk, so we entered the following command: adb install brave.apk
  • Make sure, if all you folllowed steps corrently , you will see a success prompt message displayed in the Comman screen.

You will find all the lists app in your Start Menu and these Android apps can be uninstalled like other pre-installed apps in Microsoft Windows 11. However, If you have an eligible PC > Go to Windows Insider Program > Click Enter > To pre-released Win 11 version with Amazon App Store.