How to solve 301 or 404s Redirection error in WordPress?

The redirection error 301 or 404s common problem in all WordPress websites runs. If you are your own self-made blogger running any blog, you might faced 301 redirect error in your pages sometimes , you visited the blog or someone other visitor try to opening the specific page through via clicking over the link.

It shows an error, “Oops ! That Page can’t found”. The redirection 301 or 404 error related to your content missed to identify. It will scans all your page content of the website and added URL according to different searches based over the internet.

Many websites took money from you to solved this simple problem. No,doubt they are best to handle all these things which provides other SEO Optimization and traffic increase, 301 redirect errors and back links. Think about one thing, if you are tight on budget, can’t able to pay those companies.


Redirection Error Solution can able help you. Follow these steps

First, you need to install one WordPress plugin named “Redirection “. After the plugin installed in your WordPress.

Head over the dashboard .Their is tool option in setting. Redirection installed at the bottom of the Tool.


Wait for plugin to check 301 errors or 404 errors in your WordPress Blog.

Now Go to 404 similar like 301 error option in the redirection page.

This is 301 or 404 errors paced on our page. “Oops! That page can’t found”


Now Visit 404 error setting in the redirection page. You can see list of 404s errors in the settings.

Follow our this method, copy your content match like 404 error in redirection.

  • Source URL: The specific error of missing page at website blog.
  • Target URL : Copy content URL base in this bar.
  • Click on the Add Redirection.

Final Words: IF you followed all above steps carefully. Those errors mentioned in 404 or 301 errors will successfully solved.