India can start making social tech giant pay for news – Three ways

In the last week, Australian prime minister SM spoke with the partnership of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to counter social media giant to pay for news publication.

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In Australia had announced the social media default rule to big tech giant to pay for news publications. Google urged to stop the working on search engine Google in Australia, Facebook confirmed the blocking of news service in Australia.

Australia Minister Scott Morrison MP seeking help of India, United Kingdom, France may be taking control on Big Tech. India is only country where no officials effort has been made yet.

A report claims that Twitter refused to blocking accounts under spreading hate speech, fake news over the Farmers protest in India. Indian government are investigation to revise the draft rules to regulate the social media coverage in India in some days.

Supreme court sends notice to Facebook to asked for the statement over the new users privacy policy that really harmful for the Indian user’s privacy protection. India has not yet released the Data Protection Law since 2018.

Some suggestions came from ET Surabhi Agarwal spoke to several experts to get a sense of how India can start preparing a policy.

  1. Copyright Act

Government can look at the statutory licensing provision under 31D of the Government Act to provide the authority has the power to decide what should be the licensing fee for content to allowing the government to regulate to pay for news.

2. Competition Watchdog

The competition Commission of India is the most suitable regulator. CCI study the “impact on the Indian market” by analysing the relationship between platforms and news publishers and should take corrective action.

CCI can investigation too such as Google for abuse of market dominance and currently investigating the company for alleged abuse of its dominant power for favoring its own Google Play.

Facebook already under CCI watchdog over Cambridge Analytic data leaked in the year of 2018 after the former US president Donald Trump made debut in US. WhatsApp announced the new privacy policy terms and conditions has under investigation in India

3. Immediate Action

Some experts says Government of India ( GOI) should immediately set the rule by calling for a 30-45 day consultation inputs from all stakeholders – small, large and individual publishers. This process of regulation can be done by Ministry of Electronic and Technology.