Microsoft Edge Canary testing sharing Edge browsing data with Windows 10

Microsoft testing the new feature in Canary build which allows users to share their edge data for marketing and advertising purposes.

Microsoft saves browsing data such as sites you visited, bookmarks you saved, and recent tabs to your profile on your PC or smartphone. This data is very valuable for Microsoft to track your activities for promoting advertising in the bing search.

Microsoft sends your browsing data to Microsoft data servers every time in the background. We suggest you that uninstalled this browser with the help of popular uninstaller software permanently.

Microsoft Edge has stored some setting

  • Gathering diagnostic data to improve Edge performance.
  • It users browsing data to show personalized ads.
    • Search ads and site suggestions from your typed.

In the new Edge Canary version, Microsoft has added a new setting to Edge profile to inform the user that Edge will connect your data with “Setting browsing data with Windows 10 features.

When it turns on by default, Microsoft Edge will connect local browsing data from this profile with the rest of Windows, Turning this feature on will help you find information from your browsing history, favorites, top sites, and recent tabs.

We recommended you to go to setting ? turn off this feature in your browser setting. It may be dangerous for your user privacy.