Windows Update will tell you if your PC Window 11 compatible

Windows Update will be rolling out a new update to tell users, if your pc is eligible for Windows 11 stable rollout from October 5th.

Microsoft confirmed the official stable build for Windows 11 arriving from 5th October worldwide. The Windows 11 will able to install with TPM ( Trusted Ported Module) from official laptop OEMs partners with Microsoft.

The Windows 11 will be able to install from the above Intel 8th generation or newer 64-bit Arm, Intel, and AMD processor. A screenshot from windowslatest would show a clear image of the message tell the users that their device has ready for Windows 11.

To learn more about the features of Windows 11 would be! Check out our delicate section. The top 10 features of the Windows 11 promised to have it never comes to Windows 10

  • Multi-tasking experience
  • New MS Office icons and theme
  • Rounded layouts
  • New True HD wallpapers
  • HDR gaming support
  • Amazon App for Android Apps
  • Microsoft Team intergration
  • Floating Menu
  • Snap layout
  • New Microsoft Edge and Store

Currently, Microsoft has also released a new version of its Windows 11 compatibility check tool called “PC Health Check” to tell about the elidible support for Windows 11 stable rollout on October 5.