Your smartphone will soon able to Withdraw cash at ATMs

AGS Transact Technologies a cash provider and digital payment solution and automation technology said on Monday. It has successfully developed and tested a touchless ATM solution in the COVID-19 pandemic

It bring relief among all Indian customers across the states of the country. The contactless solution currently under testing phase as demo at some major govt or private banks.

It will be enables a customer perform all the steps required to withdraw crash from ATM without using touch button or CARD. Customer only need a mobile banking apps or any payment app itself.

The customer has to scan the QR code displayed on the ATM screen and follow the instructions on the ATM provided by the respective banks.

This includes entering the amount and mPin required to dispense the cash from the ATM machine. The QR Code features makes cash withdraw quicker and more secure.

Company AGSTTL has installed a network of over 72,000 ATMs across the country. The company earlier introduced UPI- QR based withdraw solution in partnership with Bank of India.

The seamless, cardless and touchless withdraw method is designed to provide easy transaction flow without the need to touch bank ATM screen or enter the pin.

credits et-telecom

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